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Why Masterdisk.


We do all the heavy lifting.

Our job is to make it easy for you.
Hand us your mixes and that's the last time you'll have to lift a finger. We'll take care of mastering for vinyl, cutting and evaluating the reference disks, getting approval from your producer, contracting the record pressing plant, and making sure your vinyl arrives where you want it, when you want it. (That'll give you time to write your Grammy acceptance speech.)


You deserve audiophile quality.

Lots of people cut vinyl. Very few do it well.
You poured your heart and soul into that music. Make sure you put it into the right hands. We have been cutting the world's most influential vinyl for over 45 years. We know what we're doing and how to help you sound your best. 


It costs more to make a bad record.

Spend less—do it right the first time.
How many times do you want to pay to cut the same record? If the answer is, one, Masterdisk is the place to do it. Too many artists make the mistake of putting their music in the wrong hands. What they get back is boring, dull, scratchy, over-compressed madness. We know because we're the ones who get called to help them fix it. Cut out the middleman and call us first.

Vinyl by
Scott Hull


The Vinyl Process

Step 1


This is the part where we make the sound compatible with vinyl. Otherwise it's just like mastering for Digital release.  

Vinyl has its own character and vinyl listeners expect it to sound analog.  The way to achieve this is to master analog by same people who will cut your record.  Only they know what can really fit on record.  

You can’t get that "vinyl sound" if you just use the same Mastering EQ and levels that you used for a digital release.  That special sound requires custom analog mastering.

Step 2

Cutting Refs

We play the mastered-for-vinyl WAV files—or your analog master tape—into the cutting lathe. Then cut a reference disk to ensure it plays without skipping, and that it sounds perfect when played back on a high quality turntable.  We also make certain that we change the sound only when it is absolutely necessary to make a great sounding record.  

Test cuts and reference acetates are the way to insure you record is perfect. 

We can ship the reference disk straight to you or your producer for approval. Or, you can opt to have your mastering engineer check the reference disks and report back to you. We hear hundreds of them and know just what to listen for.

If you prefer, we can create digital files from the reference disk. That way you can download the tracks and hear the record without waiting for the shipment.

Once you're completely satisfied with the reference, we move on to the next step:

Step 3

Cutting Master Lacquers

The master lacquers are cut using exactly the same settings we used to cut the references.  To avoid any quality issues or degradation, we make sure these master lacquers are shipped to the plating plant the same day they are cut.  

Step 4

Plating And Test Pressings

The plating plant makes the metal plates needed for pressing. These are then put into a press and test pressings are made for approval.  

You will receive at least two test pressings. We strongly advise that you also have two test pressings sent to Masterdisk for an extra level of quality control . 

Once the test pressings and graphics are approved, the plant can schedule your pressing run.  The amount of time the pressing run takes depends on the plant you choose and their production schedule. But not long after, the boxes will show up on your doorstep and, voila, you have a record!





Loneliness Road

Saft, Swallow, Previte W/ Iggy Pop

"No doubt all involved obsessed over the record's sound quality. It paid off in sound that truly is exceptional."

-Michael Fremer, Analogue Planet
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Steely Dan's greatest Hits

Steely Dan

"Whatever the source tape and however it was assembled the sonics are dynamic, wide-band and the music just plain erupts from the grooves."
-Michael Fremer, Analogue Planet
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Blue LP vinyl reissue

"This was mastered by the experts at Masterdisk and they really hit one out of the park as it sounds perfect."

-MXV, The Punk Vault
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