Vinyl Mastering and Cutting


Vinyl is back in a big way, but here at Masterdisk it never left. We’ve been cutting vinyl since we opened in 1973. We cut our lacquers on our Neumann VMS-82 lathe, using the BMW of cutter heads, the SX-74. It’s one of the most sought after vinyl-cutting systems in the world. And our expert cutting engineers are unparalleled in their technical knowledge and hands-on experience.

From the classics to the most cutting-edge new music, Masterdisk has the tools, artistry, and experience to bring your vinyl mastering to the level of the all-time classics.



After all the rehearsals and recording sessions and those painful final song choices, you come to a critical point in the life of your record. It’s time for mastering.

Even to an untrained ear, music mastering leaves an unmistakable mark. Technically, mastering is the final stage of post-production. You turn your final mix into a master (for CD, vinyl, iTunes, download, or whatever format). And then you can finally distribute your music to the adoring masses. (Hey, dream big). It involves much more than making things “louder.” It’s your golden opportunity to take your recording and polish it, clarify it, and make sure it’s going to sound exactly right to everyone that hears it.

Audio Restoration


Do you have media you can no longer play? Maybe cassettes of your gigs and band rehearsals from years ago? Or your grandfather’s 78s? DAT tapes from old recording sessions?

Physical media (both analog and digital) is subject to deterioration — at an alarming rate. Tomorrow it may not be playable. It’s an issue everyone is dealing with. But audio restoration is possible and Masterdisk can help you.The first step towards preserving your audio is to convert it to digital. At Masterdisk, we have state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to bring your audio — whatever the current format — up to date.

Mastered for iTunes


As of February 2012, Apple’s AAC encoder can work with 24 bit 96 kHz high resolution masters. And it can produce a much better sounding AAC file using those high resolution masters than it can using a 16 bit 44.1 kHz (CD resolution) master. The Apple encoder converts this high-resolution, optimized master, and produces an AAC file that’s a clear improvement over a standard, non-specific iTunes file.

Masterdisk was one of the first studios to create a specific “Mastered for iTunes” release and we continue to work with Apple to remain on the cutting edge of the process.

Surround Mastering


In the beginning there was MONO. And it was good. Then came STEREO, and we fell in love twice as hard. (And stereo is STILL grand.) But if two channels are sublime, what about five? Or seven?