Snarky Puppy - Family Dinner Vol 2

Snarky Puppy - Family Dinner Vol 2


Weather Report's legacy looms large as this hard-grooving, 13-piece crew of sophisticated populists go international on their second collaborative album. Recording live in New Orleans with an eclectic handful of guests, Snarky Puppy explore Afro-Peruvian rhythms with Susana Baca, throw a hoedown with Swedish string band Väsen, and mash it up Mali-style with Salif Keita. They also provide a luxurious pillow for hippie crooner David Crosby's blanket apology to womankind. Electronically augmented one-man vocal chorus Jacob Collier anchors the album's extended centerpiece, "Don't You Know."

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Notes by Scott Hull


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Snarky Puppy is a weird name, don’t you think?
— Winston Churchill

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The Masterdisk Review


If upon first listening, you find yourself wondering if Family Dinner, Volume 2 is, strictly speaking, a Snarky Puppy album, it’s entirely understandable. But at the risk of straining the metaphor to the breaking point, all successful dinner parties need a host, and the entire Snarky contingent is on hand to provide the backdrop for another stunning collection of guests. Their combined efforts turn this family dinner into an eclectic buffet that picks up where Volume 1--which produced the GRAMMY-award winning track Something(w/Lalah Hathaway)--left off. 

 That Volume 1 was recorded as a live performance whereas Volume 2 was recorded in front of a live studio audience may seem like a semantic difference, but to my ears this results in a more buttoned-up feel in terms of production: a concert rather than a gig, or a dinner rather than a party. Regardless, the grooves are still as tight and energetic as ever, and there are plenty of trademark solo moments, but  these are all in service to the featured artists, the range of which encompasses both the venerated and the up-and-coming, with inspired results.

 With such a diverse cast of contributors, it would be easy for Family Dinner Volume 2 to sound like a compilation rather than a collection, but there’s a through-line of Snarky Puppy (a sentence I never thought I’d have occasion to write) reminding us that the spotlight may be on the guests, but we never forget who our hosts are.

- Justin Poroszok


About This Record

Mixed at
San Jacinto Studios

Mastered at

Release Date
February 12, 2016


Recording Date
February 12, 2015 - February 14, 2015

Recording Location
Esplanade Studios, New orleans, Louisiana

Distributed by Universal Music Classics

Produced by
Michael League

Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul

Mixed by
Eric Hartman, Michael League, Nathan Forsbach

Recorded by
Eric Hartman

Liner Notes by
Michael League


Mastered by
Scott Hull

Lacquer Cut by
Scott Hull

Artwork by
MinaLima Design

Pressed by
United Record Pressing


"Liquid Love" from Snarky Puppy's live DVD/CD - "Family Dinner - Volume Two" ©GroundUP Music 2016
Recorded and filmed at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans, LA, February 12-14, 2015.


Michael League – bass guitar, ukulele bass, Moog, vocals
Jay Jennings – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Mike Maher – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Chris Bullock – tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute, vocals
Cory Henry – keyboards, vocals
Bill Laurance – keyboards, vocals
Shaun Martin – keyboards, vocals
Justin Stanton – keyboards, trumpet, vocals
Bob Lanzetti – guitars, vocals
Mark Lettieri – guitars, vocals
Chris McQueen – guitars, vocals
Robert Searight – drums, vocals
Larnell Lewis – drums, percussion, vocals
Nate Werth – percussion, vocals
Marcelo Woloski – percussion, vocals
Rachella Searight – vocals
Candy West – vocals
Peaches West – vocals

Guest Artists

Ed Lee – sousaphone
Carlos Malta – pife, bass flute, alto flute, flute, & soprano sax
Jeff Coffin – tenor sax, alto flute
Jacob Collier – vocals, piano, harmonizer
Michelle Willis – pump organ & vocals
Charlie Hunter – guitar
David Crosby – vocals, acoustic guitar
Roger Tallroth (Väsen) – parlor guitar, 12-string guitar
Louis Cole (Knower) – drums
Olov Johansson (Väsen) – nyckelharpa
Bernardo Aguiar – pandeiro, percussion
André Ferrari (Väsen) – percussion
Carolina Araoz – vocals
Genevieve Artadi (Knower) – vocals
Susana Baca – vocals
Amos Gohi Baraon – vocals
Aminata Dante – vocals
Salif Keita – vocals
Bah Kouyate-Kone – vocals
Laura Mvula – vocals
Becca Stevens – vocals, acoustic guitar, charango
Chris Turner – vocals