Jamie Saft - Loneliness Road

Jamie Saft - Loneliness Road


Loneliness Road is an album by keyboardist Jamie Saft, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bobby Previte with vocals by Iggy Pop featured on three tracks which was released on the RareNoise label in 2017.

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Notes by Scott Hull


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The Masterdisk Review


Loneliness Road had me reaching for my thesaurus to find new words for intimate, close, warm, dark, and heady. Iggy Pop appears on three tracks and the results are more aesthetic than lyrical, with the punk-rock journeyman channeling a deep, brooding version of himself through the lens of Saft’s compositions.

But the instrumental tracks are so personal, I ended up making a playlist of just the instrumental pieces so the intense close-knit feel of the musicianship wouldn’t be interrupted. Steve Swallow--a musical hero of mine--is masterful in both his tone and phrasing. The connection between Swallow and drummer Previte seems to generate its own gravity, pulling Saft into an orbit that is less edgy and more intimate. You can hear the trio listening to itself; picture the kind of full-body-lift-and-fall that signals a downbeat when your hands are busy. I felt physically warmer the more I listened. 

 But maybe that’s where the Iggy Pop tracks find their purpose, keeping the listener from getting too deep under the blankets and sweltering--or sliding too deep into the bath and drowning. “Don’t Lose Yourself,” indeed, though the world-weary delivery suggests it’s already too late.

 In this case, it’s a good thing

- Justin Poroszok


About This Record

Mixed at
Potterville International Sound

Mastered at

Release Date
September 28, 2017

Recorded at
Recorded and mixed direct to 2 track analog at Potterville International Sound, NY. Iggy Pop vocals recorded at Elite Music Studios, Miami, FL.

Produced by
Giacomo Bruzzo

Contemporary Jazz

Mixed by
Christian Castagno

Recorded by
Vin Cin, Rafael Pereira,

RareNoise Records

Mastered by
Scott Hull

Lacquer Cut by
Scott Hull

Artwork by
Graham Schreiner, Vanessa Saft


Video by Vin Cin / Electric Plant Henbane from 'Loneliness Road' by Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte and Iggy Pop


Jamie Saft - piano, organ

Steve Swallow - bass

Bobby Previte - drums

Iggy Pop - vocals (tracks 4, 9 & 12)


  1. Ten Nights

  2. Little Harbour

  3. Bookmaking

  4. Don't Lose Yourself

  5. Henbane

  6. Pinkus

  7. The Barrier

  8. Nainsook

  9. Loneliness Road

  10. Unclouded Moon

  11. Gates

  12. Everyday