20 Questions With Scott Hull Of Masterdisk


Eric Allen over at Vintage King Pro Audio hit up our very own Scott Hull with 20 questions about mastering, vinyl, audio production, and the history of Masterdisk. 

Here's a teaser:

6. A lathe is essential to what you do. Talk a little about the Neumann VMS-82 lathe at Masterdisk. What’s special about this particular lathe to you?  
Neumann put some serious development into their 1970s lathes. They are the workhorses of the record business. The 1980 series lathes, like mine, added technology that allows the cutting engineer to put more level and more bass on a side than you can with older lathes.

This lathe is easier to cut on than older lathes. It monitors several cutting factors that you have to monitor manually with older lathes. In short, this lathe helps me cut cleaner, hotter and more accurately. I can say that it is one of the tools that plays a big role in the sound and quality of the final product.  

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